I'ma Need More Wine Podcast

The Bob's Burgers Movie

August 03, 2022 Jocelyn and Candi Episode 59
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Bob's Burgers Movie
Show Notes

Happy Wine Wednesday! Candi returns this week to discuss The Bob's Burgers's Movie.  Bob's Burgers is our favorite comfort show, so we were delighted when it was announced that the Belchers were coming to the big screen.

You know I love discussing which characters we relate to from a show and there was no way I would pass on an opportunity to discuss which Belchers we see in ourselves.  We then touch on how the writers manage to acknowledge real life issues, such as the Belchers' financial struggles, while still creating a property that is both comforting and humorous.  Next, we get into whether there were any noticeable differences between the Belchers on film versus television.

It wouldn't be Bob's Burgers if there were no musical numbers, so of course we share our favorite selections from the film.  Following that, we share our thoughts on the various arcs for each Belcher family member.  The secondary characters have become just as memorable as the Belchers, so we talk about which characters outside of the Belcher family we like most. It would be a little weird to share thirsty thoughts about animated characters, so this week's thirst segment has a little twist to it.

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