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Colton Haynes ALWAYS finds his light AKA The Teen Wolf Pilot

November 03, 2021 Jocelyn and Guest Host Stacey Episode 41
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Colton Haynes ALWAYS finds his light AKA The Teen Wolf Pilot
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Happy Wine Wednesday!  Stacey AKA Sticky Keys of the Beacon Hills After Dark Podcast joins us this week for the third installment of our special series - The Pilot Project.  Halloween might be over, but we are still in a spooky ooky mood, so we are heading over to Beacon Hills, California to discuss the pilot episode of Teen Wolf.

As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun at the expense of Jeff Davis, so we started the episode by saying something nice about Teen Wolf before the dragging commenced.  We then talk about what drew us to the series and share our overall thoughts on the pilot. 

Next up, Jocelyn had some Qs that were in serious need of some As.  For example, were Scott and Stiles too old to be playing the "wanna see a dead body" game?  Just how quickly does Tyler Hoechlin go from clean shaven to 5 o'clock shadow?  Speaking of Hoechlin, what was the deal with Derek just appearing out of thin air?  And how adorable was Stiles in his suit and tie for a basic high school house party?

Following that, we demand justice for Harley and have fun reflecting on some of the behind the scenes insights revealed in Entertainment Weekly's oral history of Teen Wolf, which you can find here

The spoiler-free part of the episode closes with a riveting thirst discussion.  We talk about the objects of our thirst from the show and ponder what sex with a werewolf would be like.  Stacey teaches Jocelyn the meaning of refractory period and we share which spooky ooky supernaturals are at the top of our thirst list.

For those who stick around for the spoiler section, we chat best villains, toughest departures, unintentionally hilarious moments, and character arcs.

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This is not a safe space for Jeff Davis fans.
Say Something Nice About Teen Wolf
What drew us to Teen Wolf
Understanding the power of social media
We love an amuse-bouche.
Sh*t we didn't like about the Teen Wolf pilot.
Qs that need some As
Colton Haynes will ALWAYS find his light.
Standout Performances
Show-runner for a day.
Horny and scared AKA the thirst segment!
Spoiler Section