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The Sopranos Pilot

September 29, 2021 Jocelyn & Kristine Episode 39
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Sopranos Pilot
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Happy Wine Wednesday!  We are leaving the zombie apocalypse in Georgia and heading to northern New Jersey to explore the groundbreaking pilot episode of the HBO series, The Sopranos.  Grab your wine, your gabagool,  and join us for our second installment of our special series - The Pilot Project!

As always, we kick things off with what we liked and did not like about the pilot.  There are very few weak spots in the episode, but Kristine had a few issues with some of the acting.  Jocelyn took issue with some of the less than subtle moments in a pilot episode that was otherwise strong at subtlety.  No conversation about The  Sopranos would be complete without unpacking the opening credits and praising the very memorable theme song "Woke Up This Morning" by the Alabama 3.

Next up, we unpack all of the tension - sexual or otherwise - between Tony and Dr. Melfi. With Kristine being a newbie to the series, it was fun to have her dabble in a bit of wild speculation about how Tony's mafia colleagues will react once they find out that the guy who appears poised to take over the family has started therapy.  We also get into all of the family dynamics featured in the pilot - Tony/Uncle Junior, Tony/Livia, and Tony/Carmella.  We also explore the Tony Soprano we see in reality versus the image of Tony that he wants Dr. Melfi to believe.  The man is no Gary Cooper!

We talk about the standout performances and Kristine shares whether or not the pilot left her wanting more of the Soprano family.  We then dabble a little in thirsty thoughts and close out with a spoiler section.  No need to worry, you'll get a heads up before Jocelyn shares key plot points from the rest of the series. 

Be sure to check out our first installment of The Pilot Project in which we discussed the pilot episode of The Walking Dead - "Days Gone Bye."

Until next time!

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