I'ma Need More Wine Podcast

Linda Belcher - Legendary Wine Mom

May 13, 2020 Jocelyn & Kristine Episode 23
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Linda Belcher - Legendary Wine Mom
Show Notes

Happy Wine Wednesday! We are saluting our favorite fictional wine mom, Linda Belcher.

As always, we kick off the episode with our drinking selections and listener toast.  We raised our glasses this week to our lovely listeners in Adelaide, South Australia.  Kristine is digging ESPN Ocho and Jocelyn was excited about Digital Drag Con - links to both below.  Over in the Corona Corner, we recommended virtual game nights via Jackbox and streaming Community on Netflix to spark a little joy while you stay at home.

In honor of Mother's Day, we share our favorite fictional moms.  Next, we move on to our topic of the week - the LEGENDARY Linda Belcher. 

Kristine is a newbie to Bob's Burgers, so we started with our overall reactions to the show.  We are happy to report that she loved it!  Using our watchlist as a guide, we talk about Linda as a mom, a wife, and a character generally.  Indeed, Linda is a longtime member of #TeamTooMuch, but she's so endearing.  How can you not like a character who loves her wine and follows the life of a raccoon she named Little King Trashmouth? 

Although it's an episode all about Linda, we work in a little bonus discussion of the other Belchers we love and share our favorite songs from the watchlist. 

Links to ish we mentioned:

  • Kristine welcomes the return of ESPN Ocho.
  • Digital Drag Con - see YouTube description for time stamps.
  • Host a virtual game night with Jackbox.
  • Follow the voice behind Linda Belcher and the only John Roberts we acknowledge. 
  • Enjoy Linda’s Thanksgiving song.
  • Check out the Bob’s Burgers’s Cookbook.

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