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Going Commando Under Denim AKA The True Blood Pilot

March 23, 2022 Jocelyn Episode 50
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Going Commando Under Denim AKA The True Blood Pilot
Show Notes

Happy Wine Wednesday! We are back with another installment in our special series, The Pilot Project.  Terence Johnson returns this week to discuss the pilot episode of one of our favorite guilty pleasure shows, True Blood.  

It turns out that Terence and I had a LOT to say about True Blood, so this week you will get our main discussion on the pilot and next week we will have  a bonus spoiler segment in which Terence and I discuss the series as a whole. It's also worth noting that by the end of the first segment, a LOT of wine had been consumed and it shows.

We kick things off by talking about what drew us to the True Blood pilot and whether either one of us read the source material.  Of course we talk about the show's theme song and the very memorable opening sequence.

Following that, we get into the Qs that need some As.  We discuss the opening sequence and how Alan Ball introduced us to the world of Bon Temps.  We also put a modern day lens on True Blood and discuss whether we would be open to dating a vampire and if we would have curiosity about vampire blood.  You know we can't discuss a show about supernaturals or superheroes without sharing which special ability we would want.

Of course we get into the Bill and Sookie of it all - their introduction, their chemistry, and the preview into their taboo love that we see in the pilot episode.  In honor of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer meeting and falling in love on the set of True Blood, we discuss some of our favorite couples who met on the set.

We also get into the episode standouts, which of course includes a salute to the very talented Nelsan Ellis (RIP).  We then give our final elevator pitch as to why you might want to continue watching True Blood and then things get thirsty!

Thanks so much for listening! Friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, and we use adult language.  

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