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The Euphoria Pilot - Friendship, Love, Drugs, Sex, Trauma, and McSteamy?

January 12, 2022 Jocelyn and Special Guest Abbey M. White Episode 44
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Euphoria Pilot - Friendship, Love, Drugs, Sex, Trauma, and McSteamy?
Show Notes

Happy Wine Wednesday! We are back from the holiday break with an all new installment in our special series, The Pilot Project.  Very special guest and friend to the podcast Abbey White from The Hollywood Reporter joins us again to discuss the pilot episode of the critically acclaimed HBO series, Euphoria. 

We kick things off by sharing our respective experiences with the series.  Abbey is a regular watcher while Jocelyn is a newbie.  Next, we discuss the sh*t we liked and the sh*t we did not like about the pilot episode.  The Euphoria writers are telling two different stories - one focused on teens navigating life and the other story that feels intended to scare the crap out of those of us in the audience who are far removed from our teen years.  The pilot was at its best when it focused on world building and laying out the challenges that the teens will grapple with as the series develops. 

As always, we had some Qs that needed some As.  We had a lot of questions about teen boys hanging out with no shirts on.  Seriously, is that a thing?  We also discussed meaningful choices made in the pilot from the decision to make Rue's mother Black, the use of lighting and coloring, and musical selections. 

As a regular watcher of Grey's Anatomy, Jocelyn had a lot of thoughts about the surprising appearance of Eric Dane AKA McSteamy in the Euphoria pilot.  We talk about that and other unexpected twists from the pilot. 

We would never leave you without a thirst segment, but we did things a little differently this week.  Given that there are very few adult characters in the pilot, we went in a different direction and shared a few things/people that make us euphoric.

For those who are all caught up on Euphoria or not afraid to know what happens after the pilot, we have a fun spoiler segment.  Worry not, spoilerphobes - you'll  have lots of warning before that segment.

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As always, we love you for listening.  And a friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, and we use lots of adult language.  Did you like this episode of the The Pilot Project series?  Be sure to check out our prior episodes on The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and The Sopranos.  And check out our episodes on iconic shows like Pose, Bob's Burgers, and Black Ass Falcon and The Winter Soldier.  

Until next time!

TW/CW: drug use, self medication, suicide, self-harm, sexual assault 

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