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Manifest - The Pilot Episode

November 17, 2021 Jocelyn and Guest Host Stacey AKA Sticky Keys Episode 42
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Manifest - The Pilot Episode
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Happy Wine Wednesday! Stacey AKA Sticky Keys of the Beacon Hills After Dark Podcast returns again this week to join us for the fourth installment of our Pilot Project series.  We gave our version of guest's rights to Stacey and let her pick the pilot.  Stacey went with the former NBC, now Netflix series - Manifest.  Grab your wine and boarding pass as we discuss all things related to Flight 828.  One of the passengers on this podcast flight may have had one drink too many, so consider yourself warned.

Stacey gets us started by sharing why she likes Manifest.  We then share what we liked and what we didn't like about the pilot episode.  Next, we get into the Qs that needed some As.  Do people really clap at the end of flights?  Are Michaela and Ben the only ones who hear voices?  If you found out you lost five years of your life on a flight, what's your priority as you try to return to normal?

As always, we discuss standout performances, the actors that quenched our thirst, and we have a brief spoiler segment at the end. 

Friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, and we use adult language!

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Tanget on wrestling and The Rock
Why Manifest?
How Stacey discovered Manifest.
A Daniel Sunjata/JR Ramirez thirst detour.
Quick synopsis and overall thoughts on the pilot episode.
Manifest gave us USA network vibes.
The sh*t we didn't love about Manifest's pilot episode and a brief tangent on ABC's Lost.
Stacey discusses the benefits of Manifest taking itself so seriously.
Some Manifest Qs that needed some As.
We did not love Ben gaslighting his sister about the voices in her head.
Standout performances.
Thirsty thoughts.
Closing argument - why you should keep watching Manifest.
Spoiler Segment