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Bear-ing Witness: Watch The Bear!

December 14, 2022 Jocelyn and Rev. Solomon Missouri Episode 73
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Bear-ing Witness: Watch The Bear!
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HAPPY WINE WEDNESDAY! This episode was a dream come true.  I got to talk about one of the best shows of 2022 with the illustrious Reverend Solomon Missouri.  Solomon is a Twitter pastor, play cousin, problem (his words, not mine), and preeminent marriage counselor to wayward athletes.  I became acquainted with him thanks to his epic thread in which he cautioned Dell Curry about the current state of dating - they're pegging out here!

Solomon joined me to discuss a show you should absolutely be watching - The Bear.  Part 1 is all about the pilot episode with no spoilers and part 2 is a spoilery discussion in which we discuss Season 1 as a whole.

Unfortunately, we had some audio issue with part 1.  If you can't take the audio issues, here's the link to the start of part 2 of the discussion which sounds much better.  It's right around the 2 hour mark if your podcast app doesn't support chapter links.  Audio issues aside, I hope you enjoy this discussion.  Solomon was an absolute delight!

I love you for listening.  Friendly reminder that on this podcast we drink, we know things, we use adult language, and we have a good time!

You can find everywhere Solomon is located on social media here. And find his ICONIC thread and words of wisdom for Dell Curry here.

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Until next time!

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Part 2 - spoiler discussion about Season 1 of The Bear.