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The Suicide Squad: Milton is a Real One

September 01, 2021 Kristine/Jocelyn Episode 37
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Suicide Squad: Milton is a Real One
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Happy Wine Wednesday! Y'all know we love a motley crew, so of course we could not resist the lure of The Suicide Squad.  What a journey!

We kick off our discussion by sharing our prior exposure to the Suicide Squad in other DC projects.  We then share what we loved about the film, as well as the sh*t we didn't like.  The film tries to make a statement about American imperialism, but does it go far enough with its message?  We also talk about how this iteration of the Suicide Squad stacks up against other versions throughout the DC film and television universe.

Were you shocked at the fate of Team 1 at the start of the Corto Maltese mission?  We sure were!  We talk about the "big reveal" of Team 2 and about the non-linear storytelling approach of the film.  Kristine also shares her thoughts on James Gunn's influence on the film and how it stacks up against his prior work in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Although the team ultimately joins together to defeat Starro the Conqueror, was he really the villain of the film?  After sharing our thoughts on the film's real villain, we explore the Harley Quinn of it all.  Did our beloved breakfast sandwich lover build on the character development we saw in Birds of Prey?

Next, we talk about the film's MVPs.  Everyone needs a Milton on their team.  We also talk about the performances that came up short and share our reaction to the post-credit scene.  Are you yearning for more Peacemaker? 

No podcast episode would be complete if we didn't get a little thirsty.  Find out who from the cast quenched our respective thirst.

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Until next time!

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