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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Part 2 - Bucky Barnes is a Power Bottom

May 26, 2021 Jocelyn & Kristine Episode 33
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Part 2 - Bucky Barnes is a Power Bottom
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Happy Wine Wednesday! Our discussion of the Disney Plus series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier concludes this week.

Our conversation picks up with our favorite Sam and Bucky moments.  We then talk about Bucky's arc and how happy we were to see him in therapy - although we would've loved to see even more of it.  Next, we discuss the Wakanda of it all.  We share our thoughts on the presence of the Dora Milaje in the series and unpack the social media discourse regarding the same. 

We then move on to John Walker and the writers' choice to surround him in so much Blackness - whether it was his best friend, his alma mater, or his wife.  It was clearly intentional and we had thoughts about it.  No discussion of problematic figures in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would be complete without touching on Baron Zemo.  We do not count ourselves among the Zemo hive, but he did raise some interesting points about Captain America, the shield, and supremacy that warranted discussion.  We also share our disappointment in how the writers shortchanged Karli and the FlagSmashers.

We close out the discussion with an extended thirst segment.  Of course we discuss the chemistry between Bucky and Sarah and the perfect name for the ship.  We then shift our focus exclusively to Bucky and conclude after much deliberation that he is a power bottom.  Finally, we swoon over the objects of our thirst from the series.  Find out which one of us wants to be Bucky's key holder.  We had a lot of fun introducing Abbey to our tradition of thirst! 
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Favorite Bucky moments
Thoughts on Bucky's arc
Wakanda forever
John Walker and his Black friends
The villain of the show
Exploring Zemo's philosophy
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