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The Thor-Verse: For Whom The Quim Mewls

June 02, 2021 Jocelyn & Kristine Episode 34
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Thor-Verse: For Whom The Quim Mewls
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Happy Wine Wednesday!

Special guest Samantha Adolfo joins us this week to discuss one of our favorite himbos - Thor Odinson.  With the Loki series on Disney Plus set to premiere soon, we thought it was a perfect time to talk all things Asgard. 

We kick things off with sharing our love for the Thor films and explain why people who only love Thor: Ragnarok are just wrong.  We then poke fun at Mark Graham and his 2009 Vulture article in which he questions the casting of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki.  We cannot imagine anyone else in these roles! Somehow the discussion takes a brief thirst detour in which Jocelyn very passionately defends the sex appeal of Tom Hiddleston and shares some sage advice she received many years ago that hasn't let her down to date. Jocelyn also defends sexy men with chicken legs.  Apologies for the Chris mixup - Jocelyn was upset about people teasing Chris Hemsworth for having chicken legs - not Chris Evans.  *insert infinite face palm*

Next, we get into our thoughts about the Thor films.  We discuss how the first Thor film stacks up against the other origin films, as well as how Thor: The Dark World does not quite hold up when compared to the second films of Thor's fellow Avengers.  We close out the discussion of the films with Thor: Ragnarok and declare an official enemy of the pod.  Listen to hear how a Vox writer ended up with this unfortunate distinction.

We then get into all of our feelings about Thor's character arc.  Sam perfectly explains why the God of Thunder is also the God of our hearts.  It should come as no surprise that we had a LOT of thoughts about how the Marvel writers handled Thor's grief in Endgame.  No discussion about the Thor films would be complete without discussing our favorite trickster.  Loki has not had much character development thus far, so we hope that his Disney Plus series will change that.  We also chat about our wish list for Thor: Love and Thunder.  Spoiler alert - one of us is really not feeling Natalie Portman or her portrayal of Jane Foster.

The episode closes out with a really fun thirst segment.  We learn just how perfectly meshed we are as friends when we share the objects of our thirst from the Thor-verse.  Also, low-rise jeans are a devil, unless they are on the body of a god! And move over America's Ass, we declare the ass of the UNIVERSE in this episode.  We also play a fun rapid fire game in which Jocelyn shares the name of a character from the Thor-verse and Sam and Kristine determine whether they are worthy.

After you're done listening, enjoy this montage of Tom Hiddleston dancing.  Snake hips for the win! And enjoy Chris Hemsworth taking a playful jab at those who questioned his casting.

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Why we love Thor and some random Loki thirst
OG Thor
The Dark World
Ragnorok and why Alex Abad-Santos is an enemy of the pod
Thor's arc and a rant
Loki time!