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The Last of Us Ep. 2: They swinging!

February 08, 2023 Jocelyn and Candi Episode 78
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
The Last of Us Ep. 2: They swinging!
Show Notes

Happy Wine Wednesday! We're back with our regular coverage of HBO's The Last of Us.  This week we're talking about episode 2 - "Infected."  We talk about the very interesting cold open and our complicated feelings about where the writers seem to be suggesting that the outbreak began.  Now that we've had more time with Ellie, we get into our impressions of her and thoughts on her introduction as a character.  

We pour one out for Tess and share the moment when we realized she actually had hope, which meant she was not long for this world.  We then give out several awards for the episode - the moment that gave us serious chicken skin, the video game moment of the week, the hustling backwards award, and we close it out giving a delicious chicken sandwich award to our favorite part of the episode.

I spend a lot of time freaking out over the clickers and the fact that they actually fight back - they were swinging, y'all! After I finally calm down from my freakout, Candi and I discovered that we have actual magical powers when we come together thanks to an obscure, but memorable reference that we both decided to discuss during the thirst segment not knowing the other was thinking of the exact same moment.  We will do our best to use our powers responsibly.

Thanks for listening! Friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, we use adult language, and we have a really good time.  If you have feedback you'd like us to read and discuss on an episode of The Last of Us, send it to morewinepod@gmail.com.

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