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We Dug Coal Together AKA The Justified Pilot

August 17, 2022 Jocelyn and Guest Host Jay Giles Episode 60
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
We Dug Coal Together AKA The Justified Pilot
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Happy Wine Wednesday! This week a new guest to the podcast, Jay Giles, joins me on a trip to Eastern Kentucky for the pilot episode of the FX series, Justified. 

We kick off the discussion by sharing what drew us to Justified and whether we read  the source material written by Elmore Leonard.  We then get into a deep dive of the pilot - starting with the very memorable standoff between Raylan Givens and Tommy Bucks.  Justified premiered in 2010, which was a much different world in terms of social awareness around police brutality, so Jay and I discuss whether or not this opening standoff between Raylan and Tommy would fly in 2022.  Although Raylan was very confident in the justification of his actions towards Tommy, we discuss whether we agreed with him.

Justified has a very memorable, catchy theme song so of course we share our thoughts about it and where it ranks among our favorite tv show theme songs.  We also talk about the choice to pair this hip-hop meets bluegrass song with this show featuring modern day cowboy Raylan.

Next, we get share our thoughts on our introductions to Boyd and Ava.  Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins were without question the standout performances in the pilot, so we talk about which actor left us wanting to know more about their respective character by the end of the pilot.

We give our elevator pitch as to why you should continue on with Justified if you have not watched the entire series.  We also briefly discuss the Justified revival currently in production and whether we plan to watch.  Spoiler alert - of course we do! We both loved Justified. 

Jay is officially introduced to the podcast thirst segment.  He shares his thirsty picks from the pilot and also accepts my challenge to guest cast an actor/actress that he has a crush on that he would like to see in the Justified universe. 

There's a brief spoiler discussion in the main discussion.  Thanks to podcast editor Daniel, you'll get an alert when that discussion begins and I've flagged it in the chapter markers.  The brief spoiler detour begins around 1:02:44 and ends around 108:16 - just in case chapter markers aren't supported wherever you listen.  After the main discussion concludes, Jay and I discuss our thoughts on the series as a whole.  As always, you'll get a heads up before that discussion begins.

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