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Paul Rudd is a F*cking Delight AKA the Ant-Man Episode

April 21, 2021 Jocelyn & Kristine Episode 30
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Paul Rudd is a F*cking Delight AKA the Ant-Man Episode
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Happy Wine Wednesday!  Kristine and our very special guest, Marc Faletti, hold Jocelyn accountable for her questionable Marvel Cinematic Universe viewing choices.  After Jocelyn explains her poor life choices, we dive into the Ant-Man films starring the delightful Paul Rudd.

The discussion kicks off with Marc and Kristine sharing what drew them to the Ant-Man films.  Next, we discuss the MVPs of the Ant-Man films.  It should come as no surprise that we are here for all things Cassie Lang.  We then discuss the very complicated character, Hank Pym.  Is he a hero or a menace?

No discussion of a Marvel film would be complete without identifying our favorite Easter Eggs.  We also touch on our favorite Paul Rudd moments, our hopes for the future of the  Ant-Man franchise, and the objects of our thirst.  Do Ant-Man and the Wasp have chemistry?  Listen and find out!

Get more in-depth analysis from Kristine, Marc, and their other fabulous co-hosts over at the Marvelous TV Club Podcast.   Follow Marc on Twitter here

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Intro and what we're drinking
Judging Jocelyn
First impressions of the Ant-Man franchise
Ant-Man in the context of the MCU
Rapid fire questions!
What we would change and our hopes for Ant-Man