I'ma Need More Wine Podcast

Boozy Beginnings: The Wire Pilot (Part 2)

February 15, 2024 Jocelyn and Jay Episode 108
I'ma Need More Wine Podcast
Boozy Beginnings: The Wire Pilot (Part 2)
Show Notes

My conversation with Jay about the pilot episode of The Wire continues! If you haven't listened to part 1 of our conversation, check it out here.  In this final part of our discussion about the pilot, we talk about what worked well in the episode and whether we would change anything about this well executed hour of television.  We examine whether The Wire is copaganda and close out the discussion with the thirst segment.  I asked Jay to do some thirst-inspired casting for the show. 

Thank you so much for listening! There will be a new episode next Wine Wednesday and keep an eye on your feed for the bonus segment in which Jay and I share reflections about The Wire beyond the pilot.

Friendly reminder - we drink, we know things, we use adult language, and we have a great time!

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